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Tuesday Professional Learning

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Chairpersons: Anne-Marie Sladewski & Sarah VanderBaan


Professional Learning workshops are held on Tuesdays preceding General Membership Meetings.  These workshops provide important opportunities to gain in-depth information critical to performing job duties and responsibilities.  Speakers and topics are based on input from the membership.  The committee regularly reviews evaluative feedback after each workshop to determine how to improve future offerings.



June 14, 2022


April 12, 2022



February 15, 2022


December 7, 2021


Sponsor:  ChanceLight ppt 



October 12, 2021



Handouts and Materials:  2020-21


April 13, 2021


February 9, 2021


December 8, 2020


October 13, 2020




Handouts and Materials:  2019-20


June 2020 Webinar - Personal Leadership:  Leadership Soft Skills are the New Hard Skills

Adam White slides:

Session 1 - COVID-19:  The Test of Crisis & Change

Session 2 - Leadership Philosophy:  Philosophy Determines Perception

Session 3 - Managing Disruptive Change: Finding Hidden Opportunity Within Change

Session 4 - Personal Leadership:  The Soft Skills are the New Hard Skills

Session 5 - Leading During Crisis:  Letting Your Inner Leadership Emerge

Session 6 - Mindfulness:  The Secret Ingredient of Leadership



April 2020 Webinar - High Leverage Practices in Special Education

CEC HLP Updated List

Focal HLP Handout

Paula Lancaster PPT


February 2020

Thrun - Child Find Traps

Clark Hill - Year in Review

Lusk - Mistakes to Avoid in 2020


December 2019

Dr. Sharroky Hollie PPT


October 2019

Highly Influential Practices PPT  (Toby Karten)




Handouts and Materials:  2018-19


June 2019

CMH_Local Partnerships for Improved Behavioral Health for Students

DHHS_Trauma Informed Care.Statewide Efforts in Child Welfare

Moving from Data to Action

Resilience over ACE's_ T.R.U.S.T. Community Coalition


April 2019

Heather Forbes PPT:  This is Your Brain on Trauma

April Sponsor:  Presence Learning PowerPoint


February 2019

Lusk Albertson

Clark Hill
Thrun - None


December 2018 

Jessica Minihan did not give permission to post her handouts


October 2018

IntegratingTrauma Informed Care into a Special Education Environment - Stephanie Grant

  • PPT - color
  • PPT - black and white 



Handouts and Materials:  2017-18


June 2018

Workshop A:  Special Education Leadership and Raising the MTSS Tide


Workshop B:  What's the Story?  Effective Use and Reporting of Evaluation Data 


Sponsor:  Detroit Institute for Children


April 2018 

Workshop A:  Increasing the Achievement of Student with Disabilities - 10 Steps to Make it Happen


Workshop B:  Understanding Neurodevelopmental Trauma in an Early Childhood Educational Setting


February 2018


December 2017


October 2017

Whatever Happened to Specially Designed Instruction?  (Sharon LaPointe and Laurie VanderPloeg) 


June 2017

Workshop A:  Program Evaluation Essentials - Part 2  (Dr. Brad Rose)


Workshop B:  Who, Why, What & How of Leadership  (Martin Chaffee)


April 2017

Workshop A:  Program Evaluation Essentials for Non-Evaluators (Dr. Brad Rose)


Workshop B:  Pre-K Literacy - What Should We See? (Dr. Nell Duke)

All handouts will be printed for attendees.


February 2017


December 2016

Workshop A:  Exploring Transformational Leadership to Build Capacity


Workshop B:  Becoming a Culturally Competent Educator for Social Justice



October 2016

Workshop:  Change Leadership in Action - Dr. Douglas Reeves



Handouts and Materials:  2015-16


June 2016

Workshop A: Leading by Convening - Session 4


Workshop B:  Intensifying Intervention


April 2016

Workshop A:  Leading by Convening - Session 3


Workshop B:  The Intersection Between Trauma and Secondary Traumatic Stress



February 2016


December 2015 


October 2015:  Joanne Cashman



2014-15 Handouts and Materials


June 2015:  Dr. Eric Hartwig



April 2015:  Dr. George Batsche

Batsche_ID of Students with SLD.pptx

Batsch_Specially Designed Instruction TAP.pdf

Batsche_SLD Data Summary Sheet.doc


December 2014:  Workshop B - Where we are and where we are going ... Delivery results for students


October 2014



2013-14 Handouts & Materials


June 2014

April 2014


December 2013

October 2013

June 2013

April 2013


December 2012


2011-2012 Handouts & PowerPoints


2010-2011 Handouts & Powerpoints


2009-2010 Handouts & Powerpoints

2008-2009 Handouts & Powerpoints



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