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Developing Leaders

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Key People


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Developing Leaders Resources



June 2022

6.15.22 Coordination of Center Programs.pdf

6.15.22 Personal Curriculums.pdf

6.15.22 The Burnout Cure & Mental Health in Schools.pdf

6.15.22 Universal Supports vs. Accommodations & Documentation.pdf


April 2022

4.13.22 Compensatory Ed in Light of Staff Shortages.pdf

4.13.22 Staying in the Know_ DEI, Pronouns, Person-First Language.pdf

4.13.22 Facilitating Collaborative IEPs_ What are You Doing_ (1).pdf

4.13.22 Discipline, MDRs, Threat Assessment, Oh My!.pdf


February 2022

2.16.22 Providing FAPE during Suspension_IAES – What are districts doing_ (2).pdf

2.16.22 Conducting High Quality MET Reports_ Best Practices .pdf


December 2021

12.8.21 Program Evaluation Process_Tools.pdf

12.8.21 Paraprofessionals - How_ When_ Why_.pdf

12.8.21 Child Find & Evaluations in a Pandemic World - Over Identification_.pdf

12.8.21 Building and Sustaining an Effective and Diverse Workforce.pdf


October 2021

Staffing Shortages 10.13.21.pdf

Creating Inclusive Environments 10.13.21.pdf

Taking Care of People who Take Care of Kids 10.13.21 (1).pdf

Virtual Learning & CLPs 10.13.21.pdf


December 2020

Collective Efficacy

Trauma Informed Schools Structures


November 2020

Center Based Programming During Pandemic

Elementary Programming During Pandemic

Secondary Programming During Pandemic


October 2020

How to Support Complex Needs


February 2020:

Accommodations vs. Universal Supports, Documentation and Implementation.docx

Adjudicated Youth and Transition to School.docx

Hot Topics in DHH.docx

Navigating Legal Situations & Collaborating with Advocates.docx

Seclusion & Restraint, Emergency Procedures, and Supporting Student Behavior.docx

Transition Planning for Youth Returning from Residential_Mental Health Facilities.docx


December 2019:

Critical Shortage.docx 

Cultural Responsiveness.docx

IEPs and 504s @ Early and Middle College.docx

Intensive Resource Room Stucture, Criteria, Continuum.docx


October 2019:

Changes in Guidance



Sig Dispro.docx

UDL & HLPs.docx

Accommodations and MDRs.docx


April 2019:

Technical Assistance(1).docx

Trauma and Child Find.docx

Single Tier-Birth-3.docx

Professional Development 2019-20.docx


February 2019:

Alternate Assessment Data.docx

Single TIER.docx

Secondary Specialized Instruction.docx

Transition Planning- Complex Needs.docx


December 2018:

IEP Prep Strategies.docx

Technical Assistance.docx

Consent and FBAs and Crisis Plans.docx

Staff Collaboration and Coaching.docx

Supporting Systemic Change.docx

Truancy and FAPE.docx


October 2018: 

3rd Grade Reading Law

Vacant Positions  

Trauma Informed Schools Structures

Staff Safety

Trauma and Eligibility (1)

Additional Trauma Informed Resources (1)

State Assessment (PSAT, 1_ CAP)


 April 2018:

General Supervision

Trauma and Eligibility

Data! Data! Data!

Unsafe Students and Those They Impact

GELN and Other High Leverage Practices



February 2018:

2018, 2-14- Understanding Early Literacy Standards, SE Curriculum and SE Role

2018, 2-14- SOP Transition

2018, 2-14- MTSS_2FRTI and Funding

2018, 2-14- Coteaching and SDI

2018, 2-14- Self Harm and Risk Assessments (Child Find)


December 2017:

ECSE-Inclusive Programming

MTSS-Goals and Purpose 

Non-Public School Service Plans

Adult Education

Staff Shortages

Working With Building Principals



October 2017:

10_11_17 SDI and Service Delivery

10_11_17 SDI and Eligibility

10.11.17 Secondary Transition_ Using Pre-ETS Dollars.docx

10.11.17 Collecting School-Wide Discipline Data (Change in Placement).docx

10.11.17 - 3rd Grade Reading - Notes.docx

10.11.17 - Seclusion & Restraint Notes.docx


October 2016:

-Supervising and Communicating with Staff in Multiple Locations (highly skilled staff)

-Identifying the key components of the state problem solving process (program evaluation)

-Recruiting new teachers and administrators (highly skilled staff)

-Academics in center based schools (specially designed instruction)

-Collaboration and cyber schools 51a (Program evaluation)

-Outside service providers and collaboration with schools (ABA etc.) (highly skilled staff)

-Transition practices for students entering/exiting EI programs (program evaluation)

-Mental Health Needs (highly skilled staff)


February 2017:

-LRE in the preschool setting

-Creating association partnerships

-High quality student evaluations

-The role of the monitor

-Creating positive culture

-Instruction and evaluation refugee students

-LRE for high needs students and cost

-Alternatives for suspension and expulsion


April 2017:

-Student Growth Measures for Teacher Evaluations

-Vocational Supports and Transition

-Successful Interventions for Students student behavior support

-Program Evaluation Follow-up

-Evaluation Report Writing Best Practice

-Best Practices for Early Childhood Special Education delivery