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Autism Community of Practice

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Autism Community of Practice Autism Community of Practice   

                   Christi Owens, Chairperson, cowens@mcesa.k12.mi.us

                   Rebecca McIntyre,Co-Chair, RebeccaMcIntyre@kentisd.org





Snapshot: This community of practice proactively engages special education administrators on topics related to autism. The focus is on research-based information, evidence-based practices, and current and pending changes in rules, regulations and laws. This network shares resources and develops products to meet the needs of special education administrators.  


Meeting Notes and Agendas:


Autism CoP agenda April 13, 2016.doc 

meeting notes Dec 8 2015 ASD CoP agenda copy.doc 

December Autism CoP update.docx   

ASD CoP Meeting notes November 3 2015 (2) (1) (2).doc

Agenda ASD CoP Meeting October 14 2015 (2).doc   


February 14, 2018, Workshop


Note:  Attachments C & D were not included in the 2/14/18 presentation.




                    Autism Insurance Legislation


                    Michigan State Autism Plan


                   PowerPoint handout  Spotlight ASD CoP December 2013.pd


                    PowerPoint: December 2013 MAASE Spotlight Presentation: ASD and Insurance


                    ASD in IFSP and IEP Process Second Edition 2017 June 30 Version 3 FINAL REVISION.pdf  


                    Education-Based Evaluations for ASD 9-9-15 - FINAL (2) copy.pdf  


               17. ASDnoReportExample5-15.pdf


                16. ASDReportTemplate6-15.docx     


                 15. ASD Evaluation Checklist.doc    


                14. ASD Eval Team Checklist.doc


                13. ASD Eval Flowchart.doc


                 12. Blank CET REPORT.doc


                 11. Completed CET Report.doc


                10. CET - Blank Observation Form.doc