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ISD Planner Monitors

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MAASE ISD Collaborative Community of Practice (COP) Co-Chairs:




The MAASE ISD Collaborative COP (formerly the Planner/Monitors CoP) provides a venue for ISD Personnel across the state of Michigan to engage in discussions related to our duties as defined by the EOSD Grant. Throughout the year, the group presents and discusses topics regarding Rule and Regulatory compliance, best practices, available resources, current issues/trends, and problem-solving processes. Clarifying our responsibilities and understanding the related federal statutes and regulations, and Michigan laws and rules is an ongoing effort. In addition, regions, committees, and/or individuals share valuable resources that they have developed for use by the entire group.


The ISD Collaborative CoP has created a Monitor Mentoring Grid, which is a list of individuals who have expertise in the various areas of our work. If you need assistance with a specific topic, you can contact a person on this list to mentor you or ask questions.


Meeting Minutes: 



Contributed Files  







 Links and Resources