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Legislative Action Committee

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The MAASE Legislative Action Committee (LAC) is a Board Committee that provides overall coordination of legislative action activities.  The LAC works to establish, maintain and update legislative goals, platforms and priorities, and to conduct internal and external scans of pending state and federal legislation, rules packages, and other association platforms. 


The Legislative Action Committee is comprised of:

  • Chairperson (Past-President)
  • Finance & Legislation Committee Chair
  • CASE Representative (President-Elect)
  •  8 appointed Regional Representatives (2 from each region: 1 (a or b), 2, 3 and 4), each of whom serves a 2-year term (expiring in alternate years)


2015-16 MAASE Legislative Action Committee Members




Hoppstock, Eric

Co-Chair (Reg. 3)

Assistant Superintendent & Chief Academic Officer, Berrien RESA


Adaline, Kris

Region 1 Rep.

Director of SE, Iosco RESA

Peterson, Luanne

Region 1 Rep.

Associate Superintendent of SE Services


Brown, Carol

Region 2 Rep.

Director of SE, Huron ISD

Abbott, Wayne

Region 2 Rep.

SE Director, Holt Public Schools


Manson, Dave

Region 3 Rep.

Associate Superintendent of SE & EC Services, Muskegon ISD

Hoppstock, Eric

Region 3 Rep.

Assistant Superintendent & Chief Academic Officer, Berrien RESA


Barker, Kathy

Region 4 Rep.

Executive Director of SE, Oakland Schools

Tinberg, Donna

Region 4 Rep.

Educational Consultant, Thayer North Educational Consulting


Hoppstock, Eric

CASE Rep.  (Reg. 3)

Assistant Superintendent & Chief Academic Officer, Berrien RESA

Fuerer, Rachel

F & L Chair (Reg. 1)

Director of SE, Eastern UP ISD


Jones, Donna

Pres. (Ex-O) (Reg. 1)

Director of SE, COPESD